Anonymous asked:
are you posting pics on ig anytime soon??

Just posted so follow me @Majestic_zebraa

Anonymous asked:
is there any hand tht you woooont give it upp

Idk I have a while til I get to 4k though

Mi niña traviesa tu eres mi princesa 👸😏💕
Anonymous asked:
OMG noo!! doesn't matter if you don't post often!! plus, what would your friend post about?? would it even be about you? it wouldn't be FROM YOU

The same stuff I post usually like I’m still gonna have my blog so if I do find time to post or answer questions I can answer them

Anonymous asked:
how many followers do you have💔💔


Anonymous asked:
Who do you plan on giving your account to?

Gonna give it to my friend channary im still gonna have control and stuff but I just want y’all to have someone who’s gonna constantly post you know if that makes sense

Giving my blog up at 4k 🙊
The “turnoff” “turnon” game. Ask me anything and I will answer if it is a turn off or turn on.
I want to _____ you.

reblog and see what your followers say

Anonymous asked:
how many questions are in yor inbox rn