Anonymous asked:
can I make a backup IG account for u


Anonymous asked:
what do you smell like? what cologne do you use?

Heaven on earth 👌💁 and I got a lot but I fucks with Gucci more

Anonymous asked:
I loove you blog!! could you post pictures with your dog? thanks!

Thank you and I post pictures on my Instagram not here IG is majestic_zebraa

obeyleoshaq asked:
Hey man


Anonymous asked:
how many questions in ur inbox? ps. hugeee fan!

Like 40 😭 and thanks for being here 👌

Anonymous asked:
i couldn't fix the issue that ig wouldn't let me follow you😭😭 so I decided to make a fan page just for you!! ❤️❤️❤️ is okay? I wouldn't just get people to follow you and I would try to promote you. I LOVE YOU!! ps my IG is ilovejessedb I'll will follow you anyways, and love you always <3

Omg okay thank you Bae I’ll accept it I Love You Too ❤️😘❤️

Anonymous asked:

Never did you need to put that in my inbox like 7 times 😂 but go out with friends or do activities go to parties to keep your mind off that person Delete them off EVERYTHING & invest in some hoes

Anonymous asked:
pis with yor abs <3 I don't have social apps exept tumblr. can you post them here? thanks


Anonymous asked:
what's your address

Ook tf

Anonymous asked:
what's your twitter