Anonymous asked:
What do you do when you argue so much?

Just stop responding. read that shit then don’t respond

Anonymous asked:
You Never Answer Your Kik Dude

Cause you have not kikd me

Also yall can kik me, my shit been hella dry lately I miss yall 😩 shoot Ya boy some texts 📲 Kik: Majestic_zebra 👀👀
Tag me in them Mcm pics though 😏👌 Follow then tag me & I’ll follow you back IG:Majestic_zebraa 👅💦👀
Anonymous asked:
i cant see yor ig profile pic 😤😤 can yo post it bruh

Or nah sorry

Anonymous asked:
oh lmao. i meant post ur ig profile pic on twitter bro

Oh lol still for why

mckenna-llorca asked:
Yeah, hi you're really cute and we should like cuddle and watch movies all day while I give you neck kisses and play with you hair

Giiiiiiiiiiiirl I’m too young for that 🙈🙊